IAFF 2020: Indo Agri Food & Feed International, Jaipur

Colour 04.03.2020

A wholesome approach to check and measure colour across Grain Industry, Oil & Fat Industry, Food Industry, Beverages, Nuts & food Industry.

The Lovibond® team has developed a wide range of advanced spectrophotometers and colorimeters that measure in seconds the colour of finished food products, drinks, oils, powders, cereals, pastes, granules and gels. In short, every liquid and substance in the food and drink sector. Handheld or bench mounted, these products are designed to be very quick and easy to operate and robust enough for daily use in both production facilities and laboratories.

The team actively engaged customers in the IAFF 2020, increasing awareness and knowledge sharing on how The Lovibond® colour measurement and analysis systems are used worldwide to help manufacturers produce edible oils and fats, beers wines and spirits, soft drinks, baking and milling flour, sugars, biscuits and confectionery