About Tintometer

There are very few companies which can look back over a history of over 130 years of success.

The reason we can do so lies in the world-wide appreciation of our products and the determination of our work-force to maintain this.

Cay-Peter Voss, CEO

Water and colour are our life - not just a profession at Lovibond® Tintometer Group.

Tintometer India Pvt. Ltd. (TIPL), a 100 Percent Subsidiary of The Tintometer Limited UK, & Tintometer Germany started operations in 2015 in Hyderabad, India. The Tintometer® Group has more than 130+ years of knowledge and experience in the field of Colour Measurement & Water Analysis. It is a leading manufacturer of innovative technologies for Colour Measurement and Water Analysis instruments under the trade name Lovibond® and Tintometer®.

We serve our customers in over 140 countries from our offices in India, Germany, England, USA, Malaysia, China, and Brazil. The Tintometer® Group is introducing new techniques to bring colour measurement and water quality control to an even higher level by developing creative solutions. This ensures the continued reputation of the Lovibond® brand.

Our extensive product range helps colour measurement customers achieve a high quality output in major application areas such as Petroleum (ASTM D1500), Edible oils (ISO15305), pharmaceuticals, chemicals, beverages (EBC & ASBC), as well as surface colour analysis for plastics, paints and coatings, printing, food, textiles and packaging, with our range of transmission & reflectance based colour measuring instruments, like Tintometer® Model F, Lovibond® Model Fx, Lovibond® PFXi series, visual comparators for transmission based colour measurement and Lovibond® LC100 & SV100, Lovibond® TR series for reflectance based colour measurement. Tintometer® Group also provides filters, liquid and glass standard solutions for checking the functionality of our instruments.

Water analysis customers can choose from a world class range of instruments, equipment and chemical reagents, covering all major applications such as drinking water, waste and effluent water, surface water, ground and raw water, and leisure water, industrial water, pool & spa water, aquaculture. We have a comprehensive range of products for industrial water applications including boilers and cooling systems, hygiene and sanitising, ware and laundry washing, and legionella control. Tintometer® Group offers Lovibond® XD7000 & XD7500 Vis & UV-Vis Spectrophotometer for water analysis. Lovibond® MD610 multi-parameter photometer, range of electrochemistry measuring instruments like Lovibond® SD series, Lovibond® BD600 & COD for waste water analysis, Lovibond® TB211 IR Turbidity series for measuring turbidity in water. Lovibond® Scuba II, a perfect pool testing device, Lovibond® ShuddhCheckTM single parameter field water testing kits, a complete solution for microbiological analysis of water with the Lovibond® dipslides and Lovibond® DI 10 incubator, Lovibond® CheckIt and Colour Comparator 2000 and many more. The range of photometers, comparators and test kits combine with the stability and quality of Lovibond® reagents to enable rapid, accurate measurements of parameters from Acidity to Zinc.

Dive together with us into Lovibond® Tintometer world of water analysis and colour measurement.