Evo: Safely one step ahead with the new DPD generation

Water 02.03.2022

Introducing the new DPD generation: As a pioneer of the DPD method, Lovibond® Research and Development continues to lead the way in reagent development. For our brand-new DPD Evo tablets, our experts have used their decades of know-how to develop a new formulation with a significantly reduced potassium iodide content. This brings all users on the safe side for pool water analysis.

The reason for this: Manufacturers classify the ingredient potassium iodide as dangerous and follow the guidelines of hazard classification of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The new Evo generation of DPD reagents is safe due to its extremely low potassium iodide content. The Evo tablets can be purchased and sold without limitation and do not require hazard labelling.

For anyone who regularly determines chlorine by the DPD method, especially in private swimming pools, and uses DPD No.3 and DPD No.4 tablets, everything remains the same with the new Evo generation of Lovibond® DPD reagent tablets. With the exception that it is now even safer than before.

So, when buying new DPD No.3 and DPD No.4 tablets look out for the purple band on the packaging.

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