New! Edible Oils Handbook of Methods

Water 04.05.2021

Don’t miss the Lovibond® Edible Oil Handbook of Methods for Lovibond® Colour Measurement. Written to ensure the correct standards and guidelines are used, giving accurate and reliable results across all instruments.

This comprehensive book helps the user with detailed descriptions of 8 methods, ensuring samples have been taken and prepared correctly and offers step-by-step pictorial instructions for each method. It also helps with measuring decisions and troubleshooting. 

The Highlights

  • Introduction chapters on taking a sample, sample preparation, measurement decisions and the sample
  • Overview of troubleshooting
  • Method description including instrument specific information, application list, applicable standards, liquid reference & glass standards, performance of measurement and troubleshooting

We believe the Lovibond® edible oil method book will become the “go to” reference for all your edible oil colour measurement.

Here you can download our Lovibond® Edible Oil Handbook of Methods